Travellers’ id Graduation project 

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design of Budapest, Graphic design Master Graduation 2016
Consultants / Béla Hegyi, Bálint Veres
Photographer / Norbert Farkas 
Software Engineering / Tamás Babai
Travellers / Sarolta Erdélyi, Adri Forczek, Béla Hegyi, Attila Nagy, Eszter Seprényi, Máté Szabó, Andy Szöllősi and me.

The diploma project reflects on people’s travel experiences. It is built on the idea that places and adventures leave lasting marks on us, so they shape our personality. I wanted to visulalize these journeys, creating a visual marks that embody these adventures. On the traveller’s ID webpage each person can generate their own individual pattern, based on the countries they have visited. New cultural impulses and influences shape this patterns reminding us on the great times we had at those places in many different ways. There is an installation as part of this work which is based on the travelling experiences of eight people using this visual code system.