Lajos Vajda & Júlia Vajda
 oeuvre catalogues

CLIENT / Center of Museum Ferenczy
EDITORS / Noémi Varga (Lajos Vajda | Between Worlds), György Petőcz  (Júlia Vajda | Choice of Fate)
DESIGN / Andrea Csuport, Ágnes Herr
PRINTING / Electroproduct Ltd
PHOTO / Norbert Farkas, Balázs Deim
PUBLISHER / Center of Museum Ferenczy, Szentendre

Lajos Vajda played a prominent role in Hungarian fine arts of the 20th century. In parallel with his oeuvre, his wife’s, Júlia Vajda’s lesser-known works are also presented in these volumes. The two volumes represent the unity of the husband and wife and of two artistic practices following the same path.