Flash Show 0. | Covid-proof Art Fair in Budapest

CURATORS / Fruzsina Kígyós, Alexandra Nagy
DESIGN / Andrea Csuport, Illés Hajnalka
PHOTO / Dávid Bíró
VENUES / shop windows, in different parts of Budapest

FLASH SHOW was established in 2019 as an alternative platform to traditional art fairs to support the emerging commercial galleries from the CEE region. In pre-covid times, when there was no limit to the imagination, their concept looked like this: Each invited gallery will propose a solo show by one of its collaborating artists. Flash aims to deal with the given space and to compose a display of solo shows in the form of a selected group exhibition.

The FLASH SHOW 0. edition was invented to adapt to the virus; stepping out of the four walls, move contemporary art of the Central Eastern European region to public spaces, more precisely into shop windows, in different parts of Budapest.